Dance Fitness Online Subscription

$15.95 a month after 7-day free trial

Welcome to DFWK Online!

With your unlimited monthly membership you’ll have access to a ton of online work outs! Every 1st of the month we will be releasing a new series of videos. But don’t worry! If you fall in love with one that is already posted, you’ll never lose access! All the videos! Anytime! Anywhere!

We have a few different options, here’s how it works!

Our videos are divided into Three Main Categories:

Body Blast
Body Sculpt

Pick a couple of each, and you have yourself a killer work out!

Body Blast:
These videos range from 3 to 45 minutes and are meant to get your heart rate up and body sweaty! It’s a cardio work out! Go get it!

Body Sculpt:
Tone, sculpt, build! Use the small equipment you have at home, or work without! Love the Bundle we are using? Message me to order yours! I’ll ship it right to you!

Cool down with a stretch with Kyla! As a certified RMT And Fascial Therapist she knows all the right moves to leave you relaxed and feeling great!


We started recording over a year ago and have posted all our oldies (but goodies) for you to enjoy. Most of these classes are recorded live, so you’ll have to work with us and laugh at the bloopers! But you’ll enjoy the variety of these up beat and fun work outs!

Have fun!
If you have any questions or comments be sure to hit us up! We love feedback!

Want your very own fitness bundle to make the most of your work outs?
Message or email me to get yours!

$50 includes: (plus shipping)
1 Bender Ball
1 sliding Disc
1 Theraband
1 Mini Band

  • Tabata GX
    0 seasons

    Tabata GX

    0 seasons

  • Barre Above
    1 season

    Barre Above

    1 season

  • Move to Improve Stretch

    1 season

  • Body Sculpt Series

    2 seasons

  • YOGA
    1 season


    1 season

  • On Demand Play List

    1 season

  • Body Blast Series

    2 seasons

  • Dance Fitness
    1 season

    Dance Fitness

    1 season

    While dancing to easy-to-follow choreo, you will get an amazing all-over body workout!

    No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can do this class. Adjust the level of impact to suit your cardio level, building up with each class you do!